History of Saudi Indian Football Forum

SIFF was formed in the year 1995 by a group of Indian expatriates who reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Kindling sportsman spirit among the enthusiastic players by harnessing their unfathomed talents was a great step put forth by SIFF since its formation.

SIFF, the largest Indian expatriates' organization in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) is the throb and pulse of all football loving hearts. It has united the various clubs scattered all over Jeddah under the umbrella of SIFF and has eased the unhealthy grumble among them. It could act as a bridge to minimize the polarization and tug-of-war that existed between the players and spectators. The never ending support and inexhaustible help of football loving personalities in various fields helped a lot for its glorious birth.

"Football for friendship and fraternity" was the motto put forth by its architects.

The annual Football league tournament is a mega event in Jeddah that attracts thousands of fans to the ground to witness the matches which makes it the largest Indian conglomeration in Saudi Arabia every year which were graced by the auspicious presence of Indian Ambassadors, media heads of leading Saudi newspapers and Indian consulate officials.

SIFF Objectives

To Guide various clubs in the locality to carry out football related activities with due respect to the local regulations and culture, taking the IFA (Indian Football Association) rules and regulations suitably amended as guidelines.

To remind the clubs, the players, the fans and sponsors about the good status and reputation we Indians enjoy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To ensure that the activities are conducted meeting the standards and in accordance with the prevailing rules and regulations of the Government of Saudi Arabia.

To act as the sole controlling and governing body of the game of Football among Indians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To act as the coordinating authority for Football tournaments in the Kingdom.

To conduct and/or to arrange League tournaments for members and other competitions, tournaments, Inter-School tournaments, exhibition matches including matches with foreign teams.

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